No Halloween costume? Try this instead!

In need of a last minute Halloween costume?  Yes, this is last minute and this goes out to all you procrastinators out there.  Well, this isn’t exactly a costume, but more of a “look” instead.  Here’s a fun makeup tutorial with 100% Pure Cosmetics featuring yours truly.  I had so much fun shooting this video (my first one actually) and wanted to share it with you guys!  I absolutely LOOOVE 100% Pure and recently fell in love with their cosmetics line too.  I’ve been a fan of their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream for quite sometime now and it is one of my favorites!  Lately, I’ve been using their makeup regularly and I must say that my skin looks healthy and feels great!  True to it’s name, 100% Pure is vegan and natural.  Did you guys know that they use fruit and vegetable pigments to impart color in their products?  Sounds impressive if you ask me!

Hope you guys like it and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


For all of the makeup details, please check out their post below or view the link  here.


Start with moisturized and primed skin, then apply a full coverage foundation for a perfectly matte finish. Finish by contouring cheeks with a bronzer that matches your complexion.

Using a color correcting concealer, trace the shape of a leaf above and below each eye: start just above each eyebrow, and just below each waterline. Fill each leaf with the yellow color corrector; we’ll come back to these later!


Using the Pretty Naked II and Mermaid makeup palettes, apply color to each yellow leaf around the eyes. With a flat shader or fluffy crease brush, start by shading the inside edges with the light forest green of Sea Glass from the Mermaid Palette.

From your Pretty Naked II Palette, gently blend Pretty Naked Blush above and below each eye, then deepen with light brush strokes from the deep brown of Splendor; make sure to leave spaces of untouched yellow between colors. Don’t worry, this part doesn’t have to be perfect, and feel free to use any 3 colors of your choice– using varying colors will create an iridescent, fairy-like effect!

Line the edges of each leaf with a brown eye pencil, and add a few leaf veins inside each one. They should now be looking like warm, golden hued fall leaves.

Using a flat shader brush, apply the true gold eye shadow Gilded all over each lid. With a smudger brush, blend Vivid from Naked II Palette into your creases for a shimmery, deep purple pop of color over your gold lids. With a matching purple liquid liner that won’t smudge, trace a winged liner at the corner of each eye, then add some faux lashes to the bottom lash line.

By buffing a warm bronzer or brown eye shadow from one of your makeup palettes, intensify the crease of each brow bone below the brow; continue this crease down the sides of the nose, as if you were contouring. With your brown eyeliner pencil, connect this contour to the leaf above the eye.

With your brown eye pencil, add swirls from the tips of the leaf points in varying sizes and lengths– have fun and get creative! Finish by adding mystical length and color to your lashes with a deep purple mascara.


Add Aubergine matte lipstick to lips; the deep eggplant color will tie into the blackberry tone of your eyes! Finish by using your smudger brush to add Rose Gold Luminizer to the center of your bottom lip, giving you a final touch of gilded luminosity to lips!

Hope you guys enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!  XX


Watch me transform into a Gilded Blackberry Fairy (oooohhhh!)