Beauty Faves!

If you are a subscriber to my blog, I’m sure you received two emails last week of the same post! Eek!  I accidentally posted the draft for this beauty post last week (twice) and I apologize!  It was the week that my doggy was sick at the vet so my mind was all over the place!  Anyway, here’s the complete version, guys and sorry for that minor slip! <3


My first beauty post!  Yay!  I have been asked a few times on what I put on my face and to be honest, I try not to wear that much makeup only because my skin is pretty sensitive. The only time I would pack on a full face of makeup is when I have to get in front of camera for a photo shoot and during special occasions.  Sometimes, I would get my face painted by a makeup artist for fun just because it makes me feel extra fabulous!  Haha!  And besides, who doesn’t love a mini makeover?  Truly, I feel that a little make up goes a long way and it makes such a difference, but at the end of the day, it is how you carry yourself and being confident!  🙂  That to me, is true beauty!

Here are my favorite beauty products that I typically use daily!  Have you guys tried any of these?

Beauty Faves!

100 Pure 100 pure skincare
I love that this eye cream is organic!  It also smells great!

L Occitane body moisturizer
I’m constantly washing my hands so this never leaves my purse!  I love the scent and never feels greasy when I put it on.

Rosebud Perfume Co beauty product
I love this product!  Keeps my lips soft and moisturized especially during winter months!

Natura Bissé beauty product
Anything from this beauty line is worth the investment.  I got this as a gift before and I was hooked!

NARS Cosmetics pink blush
I love the way this blush makes my cheeks glow like JLo’s. 🙂  It gives just the right amount of shine.

Smashbox face powder
My go-to product when my face starts to feel shiny.  Perfect for touch ups!

Anastasia beverly hills cosmetic
I love the creamy texture as it glides on smoothly and most importantly, it is long lasting and water resistant!

Laura mercier concealer
This goes on so smoothly and doesn’t crease!  Covers up well and makes me look well rested.